Been in an accident? Need assistance with your automobile?

Erie-LaSalle Body shop is a highly reputable, professional, and friendly repair shop. We’ve been operating in downtown Chicago for 75 years and our work speaks for itself. We can handle all your automotive repair and body work needs: from working with your insurance provider, to body work, to touch ups. Call us today at 312.337.3903 or email any of our staff for assistance.

What to do after an accident

An automobile accident is a stressful situation. But repairing your car doesn’t have to be:

  • If you are uncomfortable driving the vehicle, call Erie-LaSalle for 24 hour tow service.
  • You may simply drive in to Erie-LaSalle and we will assist you in making your insurance report. We are professional insurance claims handlers. You may leave your vehicle at that time or you may schedule it in at your convenience.
  • If you make your own insurance report, obtain a claim number and contact Erie-LaSalle. We can handle all facets of the claim from there, including setting up a vehicle rental.
  • Give Erie-LaSalle Body Shop a call at (312) 337-3903 and make an appointment to bring in your vehicle for an estimate. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle the staff at Erie-LaSalle would be glad to help answer them.
  • Very important – remember – you need not run around for multiple estimates. Illinois law states that you only need one estimate and Erie-LaSalle will negotiate that estimate on your behalf with your insurance or fleet company to ensure a fair and proper repair to your vehicle. Illinois law also states that you may have your vehicle repaired at any repair shop you choose. Do not feel pressured by any insurance company representative to bring your vehicle to any repair facility in which you are not comfortable. Although Erie-LaSalle proudly networks with many better insurance carriers, we firmly support your right to choose your own repair facility.